tchi (t͡ɕʰi, pronounced as ‘chee’) is inspired by the principle of ‘Qi’ from Chinese philosophy and traditional medicine, which refers to the life force and energy flow that is inherent in all things. The ultimate balance of ‘Qi’ leads to harmony in body and spirit, and is key to a healthy and happy life. 

tchi was founded by Gwen and Natalie to bring natural, great-tasting wellness teas into the pockets of everyone’s busy lives. tchi makes it easy with floral blends of herbs rich in vitamins and nutrients to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

From when she was young, Natalie’s father devoted his time to distilling the deep knowledge of herbs and natural ingredients to create great-tasting teas without the use of artificial flavourings for his family and loved ones. As a working professional and mother of two, Gwen struggled to find caffeine-free, nourishing and flavourful teas to drink amidst her hectic routine. Together,  Gwen and Natalie are now on a mission to bring these healthy, flavourful teas to everyone caught up in the hustle and bustle of modern living. 

Built around the key functions of enhancing immunity, detoxification and boosting energy, tchi creates teas that fit easily into your lifestyle and daily routines, enabling healthier choices.
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